Anita First Aid Bra Isra Front Closure


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Isra First Aid Cotton Bra by ANITA with Front Closure.
The best cotton! The Isra first aid bra hugs the body like a second skin. All arm cuffs, underbust and neckline are soft and flat made of skin-friendly cotton. The bustier bra opens and closes wonderfully easily thanks to the button and Velcro front closure and is therefore particularly suitable during and after radiation therapy, as well as for people who find it difficult to close the bra in the back.
Isra prosthetic socket – Pockets on both sides
Material / construction
* Cotton with elastane * Front closure for easy on and off * Button and Velcro closure for easy on and off * Soft underarm, bottom and rip straps prevent cuts and chafing
* Soft cotton pockets comfort straps * elastic indicator * for first aid * sleeping bra

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